Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dresses Argentina 17th Annual Fashion Week

Condom Dresses Highlight Argentina’s 17th Annual Fashion Week

This year’s motto for Argentina’s 17th annual Mar de Plata was “Taking care of yourself is fashionable” and nowhere was this more evident than in the dresses made out of condoms donated by Prime. The dresses, which even included a wedding dress, were designed by students from the Argentine School of Fashion, with support from the “Huésped” foundation.

A number of top  Latin American models walked the runway during one of Argentina’s  most important fashion events of the year, including Pampita, Ingrid Grudke, Paula Chaves, Dolores Barreiro, Pía Slapka, Jesica Cirio, Luly Fernàndez, Paula Morales, Magalí Montoro along with male models Hernán Drago, Mario Guerci and Tomy Dunster. While all the models gave a fantastic performance, they were slightly outshone by the unique fashion statement of the condom dresses.

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